Kim’s story

The week before I was diagnosed, I traveled with my daughter to Europe. I was not sick. I had seen my doctor a couple of weeks prior because I had a slight lower abdominal ache, and some bowel changes. Understanding that I was under a lot of stress, he began treating me Irritable Bowel Syndrome for. I researched IBS on the internet and learned that if I had 6 of 10 things, then that’s what I had. No problem, I had all 6.

He cautiously reminded me that they diagnose IBS by ruling out other things, and that I still needed to see my gyn, and have an ultrasound. Since the trip to Europe was coming up, I decided to put off the ultrasound until we returned.

Two days after we got back, the hospital ultrasound changed my life by showing “prominent ovaries.” By that afternoon, I was conferring with both my gyn and my primary care physician, deciding to be in the pcp’s office at 8 am the next morning. Upon seeing me, gray in color and as fearful as could be, he sent me directly to the ER because it was the quickest way to get a CAT scan done. I was admitted immediately and surgery was scheduled for 7 am the next morning. An angel of a surgeon was brought in by my gyn and the two partnered in a 3 hour surgery that found Stage 3 ovarian cancer.

I had no history of cancer in my family and am in my 40’s. If I could pinpoint any cause of this disease, I would blame high stress, combined with wearing my cellphone on my waist almost all the time.

With tremendous support from my family and friends, I made it through 6 rounds of Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy. Today, I am doing well, enjoying life more and looking toward a healthy and happy future.