UCSB Kappa Dash

UCSB Kappa Kappa Gamma presents its annual fundraiser “Kappa Dash” to support breast and ovarian cancer research.  Each year a portion of the event’s proceeds is donated to The Circle in honor of their beloved sorority sister, Robin Babbini.  The Circle is ever grateful for their heartfelt dedication and commitment to such a vital cause.  Thank You Kappa Kappa Gamma!!

2008 Kappa Dash


2009 Kappa Dash


2010 Kappa Dash

Kappa Dash Big 2010

2011 Kappa Dash

big 2011

2012 Kappa Dash

Kappa Dash 2012web

2013 Kappa Dash

Kappa Dash 2013_edited-2

2015 Kappa Dash


2016 Kappa Dash